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Our Classes

We have a variety of classrooms to serve your child or children.  Please call or come by for more information or a tour.

                                                 ***Due to a high demand we may have a waiting list***

Ms. Kathy & Ms. Raychel's Class

Twos and younger Three's


Ms. Kathy has been teaching at Kids World since 2006.  She is great at potty training.  She teaches the children how to be in a classroom environment.  She is compassionate and full of love.  She teaches from a curriculum approved by the Office of Early Learning.  She also works diligently with the children to develop fine and gross motor skills.  This class is just as much about learning to socialize as it is about education. Ms.Raychel picks up where Ms. Kathy leaves off and has several years working with children of all ages.  We could not have picked better ladies to work with our youngest group of kids!

Ms. Melissa's  Class

Three year old class


Ms. Melissa is teaching our specialized Pre-K program that caters to the development of three year olds. We use a curriculum approved by the Office of Early learning in this classroom to enhance your child's  learning experience.

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Ms. Jessie's Class

Four year old class

Ms. Jessie is teaching our wrap around kids in a way that supports the concepts that are being taught in VPK. We use a combination of curricula in this classroom to enure your child is understanding and mastering all of the concepts that are taught in VPK.

Ms. Elizabeth & Ms. Jessica

VPK Classes (School year Morning and Afternoon)


Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Jessica are both seasoned VPK teachers.  They have two classes during the school year!  These two ladies are excellent teachers and have a dynamite time preparing your children for Kindergarten. 

Ms. Baileigh ,Ms. Martha, and Mr. Bryan's School Kids

School Aged Children


All of our teachers work together to make sure there are always activities planned for the children.  During the school year we provide homework assistance.  Summer is always a blast.  We have a very busy summer planned every year that includes activities ranging from exploding watermelons to fantastic field trips each week.  We take the children to a variety of places such as the movies, bowling, mini-golf, and more.  There is never a dull day for the school aged children!

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